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Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra users are already reporting camera defects (Update)

By Samuel Martinez August 21, 2020, 1:15 pm


Samsung has already commented on the issues affecting the camera in the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. The guys over at TechRadar reached out to the company, and they received this information posted below:

“Samsung is committed to ensuring consumer’s satisfaction and optimal experience on Galaxy devices. Recently, there have been a limited number of reports of fog build-up inside the cameras of Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. 

“As with reading glasses and other glass objects, condensation can occur in water-resistant smartphones when they are exposed to a sudden temperature change.”

Original Story:

It seems that Samsung didn’t entirely fix the camera problems in the new Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, as Samsung’s forums have been used to report several camera defects in these devices. The reports and some evidence suggest that all of the devices that present problems are part of a bad batch of phones.

Several Galaxy fans who purchased the latest Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra reported problems with the camera of their devices. The reports claim that there are visible camera module gaps on the back of their devices. Some of them have even seen dust particles and condensation droplets appearing inside the glass panel covering the phone’s camera module.

Mistakes in the device’s assembly could cause this defect, but Samsung hasn’t made an official comment on the matter. These issues shouldn’t affect functionality, but if your device is presenting these problems, you should get in touch with customer services to see if your device can get fixed or get a new device altogether.

Source SamMobile

Via TechRadar

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