Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra
Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra
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Samsung’s upcoming stylus-toting flagships – the Galaxy Note 20 and its Ultra sibling – will reportedly use the UWB (Ultra Wideband) technology for better device positioning that will result in a faster file transfer experience. The fresh leak comes courtesy of @SaudiAndroid, who claims that UWB technology (the tweet appears to mistakenly mention it as UWP instead) will be an NFC alternative.

Notably, the Galaxy Note 20 duo is claimed to be the first that employs the UWB technology (on the Android side of the mobile ecosystem), but more smartphones are expected to adopt it in the near future. US FCC listings also suggest that Samsung has been testing the UWB technology for a while and might finally showcase its magic starting with the Galaxy Note 20 series.

The UWB tech, which likely will rely on a dedicated chip, will use the 8250MHz band and might be similar to how Apple’s U11 chip inside the iPhone 11 trio uses the UWB tech for spatial awareness. Theoretically, the UWB tech will allow users to just point their phone at another device for prioritizing connectivity and transferring files at a faster pace.

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