A couple weeks ago, some rumors started going around concerning a potential follow-up to Samsung’s Galaxy Note. These rumors suggested that the Note 2 would see its release in October of this year, but we weren’t convinced just how reliable that information might be, especially as it arrived accompanied by a lot of hardware specs that sounded like pure guesswork. Now a new rumor arrives making just a couple specific claims about the Note 2, including the use of one special component we’ve been hearing about for years.

Remember the flexible OLED display prototypes we keep seeing demoed at trade shows over and over? Supposedly, the Note 2 will employ one of the new unbreakable plane displays Samsung has been working on, based on this same technology. These are the sort of things we heard about with the company’s YOUM project, and are the first step towards full-on flexible screens, eliminating the glass layers used in standard OLED components and replacing them with polymer films.

Don’t look for the Note 2 to be a flexible phone, but as a result of using one of these new components, the display could be lighter and thinner than it might be with the sort of OLED screens already in use in smartphones. Considering the size of the Note (and presumably, the Note 2, as well), those savings should be well-appreciated if this news is true.

Source: MK Business News
Via: phoneArena

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