Samsung Galaxy Nexus Extended Battery Review (Video)

Extended batteries are either a wonderful tool to help you get through your day, or a waste of money. There are many different ways to make an “extended” battery, not all of which yield better run-times. To ensure you’re getting a battery that does what you expect it to, stick with OEM batteries from the manufacturer of your device.

That’s what we did with the extended battery for the GSM version of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

This version of the Galaxy Nexus ships with a 1,750mAh battery that is just a tad too small for most users to make it all the way through their day. For a desk jockey, like me, that’s not much of a problem. For others who spend the majority of their time out and about, the battery usually doesn’t last through the entire day.

To address this Samsung has released a 2,000mAh battery, which does a very good job at extending the life of the Galaxy Nexus. Samsung’s extended battery includes an NFC antenna (just like the original), so you’ll still be able to use your phone’s NFC capabilities — some off-brand batteries don’t have the NFC antenna built-in.

This battery is able to pack in about 14% more mAh by making the battery larger — taller actually. This makes the extended battery stick up higher than the stock battery, and to accommodate the added bulk it ships with a new back-plate.

Once installed, the phone gains a little thickness and loses its “chin” at the bottom. I missed the chin for the first day, but didn’t have any problem with the slight increase in thickness.

Is it worth it? In my daily use I noticed about a 10% increase in usable battery life. For me, since I’m so close to power all the time, no, I’d probably pass it up.

My wife, on the other hand, uses her phone to run her business. It’s always in her pocket and when it runs out of power she can’t communicate with her clients or employees. That’s a problem! Since her daily activities don’t include sitting behind a desk to recharge (herself or her phone) an extended battery would come in very handy. Just how handy was nothing short of astounding.

With her heavy use of the phone, my wife usually has just enough battery life to make it through to 6pm — 13 hours. However, with the 2,000mAh battery installed, we were both amazed! At 6pm when the phone would normally be well into the red (less than 10% battery), she had 43% left! Her daily use hadn’t changed, but with the added power the battery provided she was able to make it through her day with ease — and was able to use her phone the entire evening and into the night before finally putting it on the charger — with 20% left. Is an extended battery worth the cost for someone like my wife? Absolutely, yes!

If your life would benefit from a few more hours of battery life, you can pick up an extended battery for your Samsung Galaxy Nexus GSM from Negri Electronics.

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