We have previously compared the camera performance of the Galaxy K Zoom with the incredible shooter on the Nokia Lumia 1020, and now it’s time to continue are detailed look at the performance of this camera/phone hybrid, with our Samsung Galaxy K Zoom vs Sony Xperia Z2 camera comparison.

It was very clear to some of you which one of the aforementioned performed better, taking the camera as the single factor, so now make sure to watch these samples closely. On one hand, we’ve got the the Galaxy K Zoom, which relies on physical lens to offer up t0 10x optical zoom to images it captures using an upgraded sensor, at 20.7-megapixels.

On the other hand we have a beautifully built, water and rustproof flagship which performed really well in our full review.

What do these two have in common, aside from both being Android phones? Well, we don’t care about anything here, but the camera, and, in this particular case, they both have 20.7-megapixel sensors, with optical image stabilization. However, one has a 10x optical zoom, the other one is water and dustproof, slender, and beautiful. Which is the better shooter? Check out the picture and video samples below.

Samsung Galaxy K Zoom sample images

Samsung Galaxy K Zoom vs Sony Xperia Z220140802_09025020140802_09032520140802_09064020140802_09070920140802_09084320140802_09085520140802_09203020140802_09214320140802_09220320140802_09225420140802_09230520140802_09241920140802_09242720140802_09251220140802_09252920140802_09261720140802_09265720140802_09275120140802_09291020140802_094058

*Note: some images were shot using the optical zoom on the camera lens. These are the original files, to skip the gallery/viewer, right click and open in new tab.

Sony Xperia Z2 sample images


*Note: because of the K Zoom lacking waterproofing, we didn’t submerge the Z2 for underwater pictures. These are the original files, to skip the gallery/viewer, right click and open in new tab

Video comparison

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