Samsung hasn’t released many low to mid-end smartphones running the newest Android flavor out the box yet, let alone affordable dual camera handsets, but the Galaxy J7 Duo that only started leaking last week is clearly on the verge of hitting stores in India and presumably, other emerging markets as well.

Mere hours after its specs were revealed by a very credible source, the overall modest 5.5-incher¬†made a discreet official appearance on the company’s own website for the world’s second-largest smartphone market, where you can still check some product images out, along with a number of confirmed features.

“Coming soon” at an unspecified price, the Samsung Galaxy J7 Duo primarily stands out with a pair of 13 and 5MP rear-facing shooters, each sporting f/1.9 aperture, while an unnamed octa-core 1.6GHz processor takes care of raw performance. We also know for sure now that the non-flagship device comes with an 8MP selfie cam, a Super AMOLED screen (most likely settling for HD resolution), and microSD support on top of as-yet unconfirmed 32GB internal storage space.

Oreo will run the software show for the first time on a budget-friendly Galaxy, which officially tips the scales at 174 grams while measuring 153.5 x 77.2 x 8.2mm. That’s a few grams lighter, slightly taller, wider and thicker than the Galaxy J7 (2017), so naturally, the J7 Duo sticks to some seriously chunky display bezels and a “traditional” 16:9 aspect ratio. But if the price is right, say, around the $250 mark, you’ll probably forgive all those shortcomings, and focus on the vertical dual cameras, modern software and decent-sounding SoC.

Update: Not only is the phone officially official now, launching in India tomorrow, April 12, for the rough equivalent of $260. That’s 16,990 rupees, with 4GB RAM in tow, all the aforementioned specs, and black and gold color options. That’s… not great, but not bad either.

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