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Modest Samsung Galaxy J6 expected to come with HD+ ‘Infinity Display’ soon

By Adrian Diaconescu April 16, 2018, 9:56 am

Samsung hasn’t been as quick and determined as Huawei or even LG to expand trendy, flagship-introduced smartphone features to the company’s mid-range portfolio, but the number of “Infinity Displays” on the market is about to grow substantially, and there’s now a dual camera Galaxy J-series handset as well.

While we obviously expect the 18.5:9 Galaxy A6+ to cost a little less than the FHD+ A8 (2018) and A8+ (2018), the chaebol’s first truly affordable device with an Infinity screen in tow could actually be part of the Galaxy J family. We’re talking about a J6 or perhaps J6 (2018), following in the footsteps of the J5 (2017), aka SM-J530, with a predictable SM-J600 model number.


The otherwise mysterious Samsung Galaxy J6 has recently been certified by the FCC with software navigation buttons, thus likely sporting a 5.6-inch or so panel surrounded by (relatively) thin borders. You probably shouldn’t hold your breath for the world’s highest screen-to-body ratio or a very impressive resolution. The safe bet, as far as the latter is concerned, seems to circle the HD+ mark, possibly hitting 1480 x 720 pixels.

Other low to mid-end features, revealed in a preliminary benchmarking database a while back, include Android 8.0 Oreo software already pre-installed on the unfinished product, the same Exynos 7870 processor as last year’s Galaxy J5, and your choice of 2 or 3GB RAM. All in all, Samsung may have a budget-friendly winner on its hands here. If priced aggressively enough, that is.


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