Low-end Samsung Galaxy J5 (SM-J500F) treated to Marshmallow update in India

How far back in time and low on the totem pole will Samsung go in its effort to spread the Marshmallow love across the Galaxy device roster? Well, the venerable GS5 has already moved away from outdated Lollipop, including on T-Mobile and Verizon, while the entry-level S5 mini is inching closer and closer to its very own vital software promotion.

As for the first-gen Galaxy J5, its age clearly recommended the 5-incher for a prompt UI makeover, but the hardware specifications… not so much. Unveiled a year ago, the phone debuted as a decently priced mid-ranger, though market standards rapidly surged, and the J5 got relegated to low-end status.

No reason to think about buying it now, especially after the launch of a superiorly built, big-battery sequel, but those who reckoned they were getting a solid deal last summer or fall should be happy to hear Android 6.0 is rolling out.

Only in India at the moment, for version SM-J500F, with other regions and model numbers like J500FN, J500G, J500Y and J500M following suit before long. The goodie pack weighs in at around 900MB, containing all the usual system improvements, as well as a “new TouchWiz” providing “enhanced usability and an updated visual design.”

Source: SamMobile

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