2015 has been a year of radical transformation for the previously monotonous Samsung Galaxy family, both as far as flagships and lower-end devices are concerned. But continuous change can be tricky, pricey and, in a way, risky, so by the looks of things, 2016 will be a year of much safer bets.

The Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge should greatly resemble their predecessors from an aesthetical standpoint, a full roster of upper mid-range A-series handhelds has already gone official with refined rather than altered designs, and next up, we might see the 2016 editions of the Galaxy J1 and J5 break cover.

The latter, in case you weren’t aware, was a smash hit in various emerging countries around the world, somehow making Google’s top ten list of most searched for gadgets last year, despite only debuting in June.

It’s possible its sequel, designated by model number SM-J510FN, will launch before the original turns one, testing samples popping up in Zauba’s Indian import records ever since November. The last couple of prototypes made their way from Seoul to Delhi this past Friday, on January 8, and apparently sported 5.2-inch displays.

Unfortunately, that’s literally all we know about the presumed Samsung Galaxy J5 (2016), unless you also want to count a per-unit financial value that’s obviously inaccurate. INR 6,812 converts to $102, which feels like an unrealistic price point even for the entry-level second-gen J1.

Granted, the chances of the revamped Galaxy J5 adopting a more premium build than its forerunner are slim to none, but its 5.2-inch screen could well deliver Full HD resolution, the RAM count will likely be upped to 2GB, and we might be looking at fingerprint sensor adoption too. Bottom line, this should cost anywhere between $200 and $300.

Source: Zauba
Via: SamMobile

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