Upcoming Samsung Galaxy J Max could replace both your existing phone and tablet

While most analysts and pundits deem 2-in-1 convertibles as the only possible saving grace and potential-brimming form factor for otherwise flagging tablets, there’s likely one more move Samsung for instance could try to pull to keep Galaxy Tabs in the limelight.

It’s something various Chinese device manufacturers have experimented with in the past, enjoying little success, as consumers found it uncomfortable to make and receive voice calls on gargantuan gadgets.

But we’re hearing whispers the above rendered Galaxy J Max measures a whopping 7 inches in screen diagonal, nonetheless copying the branding of a smartphone family and featuring GSM cellular capabilities, as well as LTE support.

It’s even said Samsung intends to market the 7-inch J Max as a phone first, which wasn’t the case for the Galaxy Tab 3 7.0, despite the latter’s own voice communication abilities. Unfortunately, little else is known about this looming hybrid product, though the name and pictured section of its rear cover both suggest middling specs, a not-so-premium build and strong emphasis on affordability.

How low should the thing go to convince you “phoneblets” are worth another chance? $250? $200? Even lower?

Sources: Twitter, SamMobile

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