Samsung has really not been afraid to take its Galaxy S 4 brand and run with it this year, not only releasing a family of handsets like the GS4 Zoom, Mini, and Active, but also coming out with an updated version of the regular old GS4 itself, like the LTE-A edition with a Snapdragon 800 processor; sure, it may be another six months before the Galaxy S 5 launches, but in the interim, Samsung sure hasn’t neglected keeping its current lineup up-to-date. This week we learn of an upcoming Samsung Android for Japan, and while it keep the GS4 name, sure looks like the next iteration off that same platform.

Samsung’s Galaxy J appears to have the same general design of the GS4, though with corners maybe a little more squared-off. That means a five-inch 1080p display, but then we start making some upgrades. Like the LTE-A GS4 or the Galaxy Note 3, the Galaxy J gets a Snapdragon 800 under the hood, and continuing to mirror that phablet, the phone also sees the presence of a big 3GB of RAM.

This info comes as part of a larger leak of handsets preparing for launch on Japan’s NTT Docomo, with plans for an official announcement commencing on October 10. That paperwork reveals the presence of pink, white, and blue Galaxy J color options.

Sadly, despite the mix of the great hardware we have here, it doesn’t sound like Samsung has any kinds of plans for the Galaxy J outside of Southeast Asia.

While there’s lots of information in this leak, and the overall tone of it seems legitimate, we have some concerns about this Galaxy J info, in particular. Check out how there are oddly light areas cropped-out around some of this handset imagery, for one. And this rear pic of the Galaxy J below totally doesn’t match the shots of the color options (and why does the white one look like a different phone?). We don’t know what to make of this – NTT Docomo trying to throw something together before it had all the official pics, or a sign of fakery?

galaxy-j-3 galaxy-j-2

Source: RBmen
Via: SamMobile

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