samsung galaxy home

Remember the Bixby Speaker? Samsung officially introduced it as the Samsung Galaxy Home at its Galaxy Note9 special event in August 2018. There was no official release date announced, and Harman CEO (the company behind the speaker) confirmed that its launch will happen this year. Then it disappeared from headlines altogether, just to resurface with an April launch, revelead by Samsung Mobile CEO DJ Koh. That’s behind us as well, and some rumors suggest that Samsung might have killed it before it even had a chance.

According to a recent report, however, the Samsung Galaxy Home is still on its way. Unnamed sources claim that the Korean company is putting the finishing touches on the speaker’s companion app, the one used to set up and control the gadget. Obviously, Samsung wouldn’t invest time and effort into an app for a product that it doesn’t intent on releasing.

With that it mind, plus the CEO’s confirmation that it is still on track, it might not be long before we officially see the Samsung Galaxy Home officially launched.

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