The idea of Google Glass copycats isn’t anything new. With a product as unusual and attention-grabbing as this (and if last night’s The Simpsons parody wasn’t evidence enough of the impact of Google Glass, we don’t know what is), it’s an inevitability that other companies will be interested in getting in on some of the action for themselves. Last fall, we heard some rumors that Samsung could be working on its own pair of augmented reality glasses, possibly to launch sometime this spring. Today we return to the idea, but looking a little further out, as we heard that Samsung may be preparing some “Galaxy Glasses” for the 2014 IFA in Berlin.

Well, it may miss an IFA debut, but supposedly that’s the earliest we might realistically hope to see Samsung’s glasses launch. The unnamed Samsung official acting as the source of this news describes this product as just part of an ongoing Samsung interest in wearables, making it clear that a “steady stream” of such products is key to Samsung’s strategy, rather than aiming for massive profits on any one device.

What we still lack, though, are significant details about the company’s implementation. Aside from the technical capabilities of the glasses themselves, we’re also hugely concerned with compatibility; will this be a repeat of the Galaxy Gear launch, where if you’re not rocking a late model Samsung phone, you’re completely out of luck? There’s a long time between now and IFA, so hopefully we’ll be able to start getting to the bottom of this.

Source: The Korea Times
Via: MobileSyrup

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