Samsung Galaxy Gifts plan to save you $500 on your Galaxy S5 upgrade

Buying a Chrome Cast a couple of months ago made enough sense, not just because you only paid $35 for it, but because you received three months of free Netflix with your purchase, making it almost a free product. Samsung plans to take a very similar approach with its launch of the Galaxy S5. If you think that carrier subsidies will be good enough, how about if you also get a bundle of services that would make your new Galaxy a free Galaxy?

The company has just announced Samsung Galaxy Gifts, and the idea is that if you upgrade to a new Galaxy S5, you’ll receive $500 worth of gifts to compensate for your purchase. Some of these gifts make a lot of sense, like a full year subscription to Bloomberg Businessweek, six months of the Wall Street Journal, or a full year of Run Keeper premium. Sadly some of the cool things we received with previous Galaxy phones like extra DropBox for two years is gone, and now replaced with just six months of an extra 50GB of Other gifts like three months of Evernote and LinkedIn Premium can prove to be unattractive for some, but can we really complain of getting more services for the purchase of a phone?

These services should be available to you if you decide to purchase the Galaxy S5. A full list can be found on the source links of this post.

Source: Samsung
Via: Engadget


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