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Samsung Galaxy Fold teardown pulled at Samsung’s request

By Anton D. Nagy April 26, 2019, 6:00 am
Galaxy Fold breaks

The folks over at iFixit have published their teardown of the Samsung Galaxy Fold, and looked into the issues that were reported by initial members of the media which had their devices break after days of usage. iFixit called the Samsung Galaxy Fold “alarmingly fragile”, and it is of no surprise that Samsung has postponed launch events and availability dates until it manages to look into the issue and hopefully tweak or fix it.

Said iFixit Galaxy Fold teardown has now been pulled at Samsung’s request. The folks at iFixit explained their decision to comply with Samsung’s request, though under no obligation, out of respect for their partner who provided them the device. Samsung reached out to said partner and asked for the teardown to be pulled.

The reasons behind Samsung’s request have not been officially published, but the Galaxy-maker, on one hand, doesn’t want or need any more bad press around the device — after the previous incidents with the Note7 — and on the other hand it wants to fix the issues with the device with possibly no reminders of its previous mistakes. We’ll let you know if there are any new developments with this.

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