Samsung Galaxy Fold follow-up may come within next year

The game is well and truly afoot when it comes to the saleable foldable smartphone and while its market viability has yet to be established, trailblazer Samsung seems to be churning hard with a follow-up to its Galaxy Fold smartphone.

Bloomberg reports from sources that the chaebol is working on two concepts at the moment: a folding phone that is meant to be used in a vertical orientation — reminiscent of traditional clamshell feature phones — and a device that can fold nearly 360° on its hinge, much like the Mate X from its competitor Huawei.

Specifically, the vertical foldable is expected to debut either this fall or next winter. Company researchers will be gauging consumer reaction to the outward display of the Galaxy Fold before deciding on implementing one for the future product.

The company is aiming to thin the outward-folding device by not equipping it with a display on the outside-facing surface. The device is in the prototyping stage, but it has not release timeline. Also in the rumor mix is the potential for an in-display fingerprint sensor to be incorporated into this class of phone.

As to the Galaxy Fold, Samsung is considering publicizing free maintenance measures to owners in order to extend the useful life of the new device, including screen replacement. One of the lamination layers on the display may cause the actual AMOLED panel to crease after 10,000 folds, leading to the concern.

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