Samsung’s Galaxy Experience Program is aimed at iPhone users hesitant about an ‘upgrade’

There are a couple of nice pre-Black Friday deals to be had on the Galaxy Note 8, S8 and S8+ in the US, but Samsung wants to make it even easier for its domestic fans to “experience” one of the company’s latest flagship Android smartphones.

Instead of simply discounting the “Infinity Display” hero devices for potential Korea-based buyers, the chaebol will soon allow 10,000 locals to use either product for a full month before deciding to keep it.

The Galaxy Experience Program, also known as Upgrade to Galaxy, is primarily aimed at iPhone owners hesitant to splash the cash on something they might not be completely sold on.

Those willing to try out the “differentiated value of Galaxy” for 30 days with no long-term commitment can apply for the aforementioned 10,000 program slots between today and next Monday, November 27.

Raffle winners still need to pay a participation fee of 50,000 won (around $45) in addition to the Note 8 or S8’s retail price. At the end of the trial period, one of the two charges will obviously be refunded. You can get a full reimbursement for the phone if you decide to return it, or the KRW 50,000 back, as well as various freebies and discounted accessories, with device retention.

Coincidentally or not, the Galaxy Experience Program will be inaugurated mere days after Apple’s iPhone X expansion to Korea.

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