At Pocketnow, we do more than our fair share of comparisons. Most are serious drag races comparing features and performance of very similar smartphones.

This is not one of those comparisons. This showdown between wildly dissimilar devices might go down in history as one of our strangest, some would say least-necessary, yet. So why are we doing this weird comparison between a smartphone and a camera-on-steroids? Well, despite the fact that these devices are from the same manufacturer (Samsung) and the same sub-brand (Galaxy), they’ve actually got a lot in common.

We’ve already given you a tour of the Android software powering the Samsung Galaxy Camera; now it’s time to see how that software stacks up against its mirror image on a device with many of the same specs, a device anyone with an eye on the smartphone space is familiar with: the Galaxy S III.

Tune in for the comparison, then keep one eye on Pocketnow over the next week, because we’re not done putting the Galaxy Camera in odd positions. For more details in the meantime, listen to today’s episode of the Pocketnow Weekly podcast.

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