The Galaxy Camera is a curious device, but we’ve learned not to discount curious devices – especially when they come to us from the company that brought the world the Galaxy Note. With the Galaxy Camera, Samsung is trying once again to turn a bold idea from left field into a commercial success.

Whether they’ll succeed or not remains to be seen, and the internet is already riddled with reviews and hands-on videos showing the ins and outs of this new purpose-built smart shooter. What interests us the most, though, is the Galaxy Camera’s particular flavor of Android — not some gimped, stripped, forked incarnation, but the full version of the most modern build available: Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean.

We’ve spent some time with the Galaxy Camera at IFA in Berlin and in New York City, but now we’ve got one in our hot little hands here in the Boston testing tank. Knowing we weren’t the only ones tickled pink at the notion of poking and prodding this custom version of Android Jelly Bean built for a new kind of camera, we thought we’d share our impressions and observations with you in video form. So click on ahead for your own guided tour of Android on the Samsung Galaxy Camera, and stay tuned for more coverage on this special device, coming soon!


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