How much higher can it go? Mystery ‘mid-end’ Samsung Galaxy C9 reportedly incoming

Samsung is basically doing the opposite of a limbo dance, raising the mid-range Android smartphone specification bar step by step until eventually the entire Galaxy lineup will be one big, happy flagship family.

No one really wants that, of course, and J2 sales numbers prove there’s quite a large global audience for entry-level, super-affordable Samsung handhelds, despite other brands technically offering superior quality-pricing ratios in the sub-$200 space.

The same probably goes for the sub-$400 and sub-$500 market segments, with mind-blowing non-flagship models like the Galaxy C7, A9 or A9 Pro just a tad too expensive to compete against rival companies’ low-cost heroes… on paper.

Still, that’s not stopping Samsung from allegedly working on a Galaxy C9 presumably sitting dangerously close to the S7 on the MSRP totem pole. Already, the C7 exceeds the $400 mark in the handful of Asian countries it’s available in, while the C9 could well set you back in excess of $500.

That’s nothing more than a wild albeit educated guess, with Sam Mobile’s trusted insiders only willing to share the phone’s SM-C9000 model number at the moment. A premium, metallic, HTC-inspired construction feels like a given though, as does an A9-matching 6-inch screen, 4GB RAM count, and 3,500 mAh+ battery. Iris scanner also in tow? It’s possible.

Source: SamMobile

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