Samsung Galaxy C9 could be company’s first 6GB RAM mobile powerhouse

Galaxy S8 rumors are in full swing already, with Samsung reportedly considering a very early 2017 release to try to bury Note 7 scandals ASAP, but what if there’s a redemption play of sorts in the pipeline by the end of this year?

Technically, the 2016 roadmap of the world’s most popular smartphone vendor doesn’t call for a third flagship model (or fourth, if we count the GS7 and S7 Edge separately). Then again, we always suspected there was something special about the “mid-range” Galaxy C9. There had to be, since the C7 is hardly a humble handheld, Full HD 5.7-inch AMOLED screen, 4GB RAM, aluminum unibody design and all.

Well, it turns out this upcoming third member of the China-first Galaxy C family won’t just be slightly larger than the C7, at 6 full inches with the same 1,920 x 1,080 pixels resolution, likely upgrading the memory count to 6 gigs.

While 6GB RAM hero devices are nothing new for Android OEMs like OnePlus, LeEco, Asus or ZTE, Samsung “forgot” to give even the GNote 7 in China such a monumental multitasking option.

Two separate pre-release benchmarks confirm the colossal RAM tally, mind you, also showing a few other impressive specs: 16MP rear and 16MP front cameras, 64GB internal storage, octa-core Snapdragon 652 processing power. Okay, maybe the SoC isn’t super-high-end material, but everything else is. Which begs the question: how much might the “non-flagship” 6GB RAM Samsung Galaxy C9 cost? $500? $600?

Sources: Geekbench, SamMobile

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