While pre-release benchmarks can generally be relied on to reveal key device specifications ahead of time, as long as we get the info from the horse’s mouth, there’s always the occasional hoax, misinterpretation of preliminary data, or good old fashioned human error to take into consideration.

But the odds of two separate benchmarks supplying inaccurate numbers are relatively slim. How about three of them all getting the same things wrong? That’s nigh impossible, so as crazy as it may have sounded roughly 24 hours ago, the imposing 6GB RAM count of the looming “mid-range” Samsung Galaxy C9 is essentially set in stone.

For those not caught up with the news, or the Korean tech giant’s naming scheme, let us stress we’re talking about an Android smartphone here, not a Windows 10 laptop or desktop PC. A non-flagship model, no less, at least technically, with much weaker marketing in the pipeline than the “explosive” Galaxy Note 7, as well as a middling 6-inch Full HD screen and octa-core Snapdragon 652 processor in tow.

Samsung Galaxy C9 GFX Bench


GFX Bench also corroborates the rest of the features previously divulged by Geekbench and AnTuTu, including a top-shelf duo of 16-megapixel rear and 16-megapixel front cameras, 64GB internal storage (likely, expandable via microSD), and pre-installed Marshmallow goodies. Give us a 3,500mAh+ battery, Samsung, then shut up and take our money!

Source: GFX Bench

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