Samsung gets ready to redefine mid-range phone standards… again, with 4GB RAM Galaxy C7

Remember when 4GB RAM was widely considered overkill for even the highest-end Android smartphones? Some of you may still strongly believe that, despite several major OEMs exploring a move to 6 gigs in the very near future.

Meanwhile, Samsung’s been blurring the lines between mid-range and premium niches for quite some time, particularly with the metal-and-glass but non-flagship Galaxy A family. If that wasn’t enough to mess with your heads, at least a couple new Galaxy C-series handhelds are apparently in the pipeline, and they’re extremely well-endowed.

The Galaxy C5, aka SM-C5000, is said to pack Snapdragon 617 processing power and that colossal 4 gigs of memory once reserved to the best of the best, while likely sporting a respectable 5.2-inch Full HD screen.

And then you have the SM-C7000, which is practically guaranteed to carry Galaxy C7 branding, and according to data divulged in a pre-release AnTuTu benchmark, feature the same mouth-watering 4GB RAM, 32GB internal storage space, 16 and 8MP cams, 1,920 x 1,080 pixels display resolution, and… Snapdragon 625 muscle, with Adreno 506 graphics in tow.

Samsung Galaxy C7 AnTuTu

To understand just how crazy powerful the Samsung Galaxy C7 is shaping up to be, you need to consider the fact the octa-core SD625 SoC isn’t even properly and commercially launched, using the same frugal 14 nm manufacturing process as the Snapdragon 820, and essentially being meant to replace and upgrade the SD617 inside the HTC One A9.

In other words, such a state-of-the-art chip, coupled with 4GB RAM, could yield superior performance in everything from web browsing to gaming compared to last year’s hero devices. The key questions however are how much might it cost and will it see daylight outside China? We should find out in a matter of weeks.

Source: SamMobile

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