Hey look, it’s the HTC-aping Samsung Galaxy C5 yet again

Internet backlash doesn’t appear to be changing Samsung’s mind when it comes to the controversial design of the upcoming Galaxy C5 “mid-ranger”, which continues to chug along towards a commercial launch in China, unlikely to be followed by one on the Western hemisphere.

The phone is just too darn similar on the outside to HTC 10-preceding flagships, and it’s a little too powerful and evolved for a pricing sweet spot to be found. A duo of newly leaked live pics in the wild further corroborate the Galaxy C5 moniker (although C-4 would have been so much cooler), as well as an aluminum unibody construction.

Forget metal frame and plastic or glass back, this bad boy features premium, robust metal all around, exactly like we know what series of rival Android high-enders. The antenna bands on the rear are slightly less pronounced than before, but still striking and familiar, with the main camera also lacking a few of the previously pictured circles and embellishments.

Overall, it’s an arguably charming design, but one done to death by the competition, which Samsung’s fans may have trouble falling in love with. You will of course adore the 4GB RAM inside the Samsung Galaxy C5, its respectably zippy octa-core Snapdragon 617 processor, sharp 5.2-inch Full HD AMOLED screen, smooth pre-loaded Marshmallow OS, and proficient 16 and 8MP shooters.

Battery capacity, retail pricing and release dates remain under wraps, albeit probably not for long.

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