Samsung Galaxy Book enters Windows 10 convertible scene in 10.6 and 12-inch sizes

Samsung’s Surface Pro killer is back, with a new name, and your choice of footprints, as well as “enterprise-grade performance” or another one of those frugal Core m3 processors.

Both 10.6 and 12-inch Galaxy Book variants run “full” Windows 10, “desktop” Microsoft Office experience included for “maximum productivity.” It goes without saying that the larger model is faster, packing a seventh-gen Intel Core i5 SoC at 3.1 GHz clock speed, plus sharper, sporting 2160 x 1440 pixels, compared to 1920 x 1080 on the smaller Book.

There are also important differences to mention in the screen technology department (AMOLED vs. TFT LCD), cameras, RAM and internal storage options. Oddly enough, the 10.6-incher ditches the rear-facing camera entirely, whereas the 12-incher features a 13MP main snapper.

Random-access memory caps off at 4 and 8GB respectively, with 64 or 128GB eMMC hoarding room on the “entry-level” Samsung Galaxy Book, and up to a whopping 256 gigs of solid state drive space provided for the 12.

Obviously heavier, at 754 grams compared to 640, the 12-inch version is significantly thinner (7.4 vs. 8.9 mm), and thus overall sleeker and more elegant. But the two share optional LTE connectivity, S Pen support for a “natural writing experience” with increased pressure sensitivity, around 10 hours of advertised battery life with fast charging, and POGO keyboard attachment for seamless conversion to mini-laptop functionality.

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