Whatever happened to that rumored metal-bodied Galaxy S5, the phone we were calling the Galaxy F? Sure, we got the closest thing to a GS5 “Prime” with the release of the quad HD LTE-A model, but there was this separate idea of a handset with a metal body not too far removed from the kind of thing we see with the HTC One M8. Last week, we looked at a report claiming that this metal Samsung Android was still happening, and that it would launch later this summer as the Galaxy Alpha. Today, a bunch of new imagery arrives that attempts to reveal this Galaxy Alpha, but it’s no longer sounding like the super-premium phone it once did.

We’ve got images coming in from two sources, one with a powered-on LTE-A edition, and one a powered-off handset without those markings (presumably for international release). While there’s a metallic border around the phone, reportedly crafted from aluminum, the back is another plastic offering. Size comparisons reinforce the idea that the Alpha could have a 4.7-inch display, which one source notes will be the same as the GS3’s – so we suppose that means 720p.

Unlike how things worked on the Galaxy S5 mini, this time Samsung relocates the phone’s flash/heart rate monitor to the side of the main camera, rather than directly beneath it. And while pics suggest the return of a removable battery, this time microSD support could be absent, leaving users with only the phone’s internal 32GB of storage.

All that said, there’s still a lot we don’t know about the internals here, and the uncertainty we have concerning where this models falls in mid-to-higher-end rankings makes it hard to even speculate about things like SoC configuration or RAM; the story right now is that this could be slightly higher-end than the GS5 mini. Still, it very much looks like a real device, so those answers should arrive in just a matter of time.

galaxy-alpha-2 galaxy-alpha-3

Source: SamMobile, Tinh Te

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