Samsung Galaxy A9 speculation ramps up with R&D component trips to India

First we talked of a possible fifth addition to Samsung’s non-flagship full-metal Galaxy A lineup, it was all pure conjecture based on the fact an A9 fitted the Snapdragon 620 “requirements.” But now we have hard evidence supporting the existence of an SM-A9000 handheld, which can only go official under the Galaxy A9 moniker, given the A8 is also identified by the model number SM-A800x.

No doubt looking to further blur the lines between mid and high-end Android equipment, the A9 may well stay on the sidelines until early 2016, when it could break cover together with Galaxy A3, A5, and/or A7 sequels.

No prizes for guessing those three market names, but it remains to be seen if end users can make heads or tails of a smartphone family likely consisting of A3, A4, A5, A6, A7, A8, and A9 versions. Not to mention the A7 follow-up might need to be baptized A7-2 or A7 2015, with an A8 already out and about.

Focusing on the A9, we should mention Zauba, the ultimate Indian import/export authority, recently inspected a series of SM-A9000 parts before entering the nation, including SIM trays, motherboards, glass covers, and mystery octa-core processors.

All these will have to go through various research and development stages, then actual assembly, so don’t be shocked if Samsung keeps you waiting until spring, maybe summer. Perhaps that’s for the best after all, as the relatively recent Galaxy A8 would get more time to pursue fashionistas with its incredibly slender frame.

Source: Zauba
Via: SamMobile

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