Samsung Galaxy A6 and A6+ get reasonable official price tags for European markets

Samsung made a lot of its cash-strapped fans happy earlier today with the formal announcement of the oft-rumored mid-range Galaxy A6 and A6+, but although it was pretty obvious these two would be significantly cheaper than the A8 and A8+, no official price points were mentioned in the initial press release.

Set to go on sale any day now in “select” European, Asian and Latin American markets before expanding to South Korea, Africa and China, the sleek and (relatively) powerful “Infinity Display” phones have finally received old continent MSRPs.

Apparently, you’ll be asked to pay €309 for the “regular-sized” 5.6-inch HD+ Samsung Galaxy A6 when it actually launches across Europe, while the 6-inch FHD+ Galaxy A6 Plus is slated to fetch €359.

That equates to around $370 and $430 respectively (as far as 3GB RAM/32GB ROM variants are concerned, we presume), but unfortunately, there’s no point in converting the European tags into US currency. That’s because the A6 and A6+ are unlikely to (officially) expand stateside anytime soon.

The rest of the world can expect numbers in the aforementioned ranges, which feel pretty reasonable for trendy 18.5:9 affairs with thin bezels, great cameras, premium build quality, decent battery capacity, fast octa-core processors, and “hassle-free” face and fingerprint-powered security.

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