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These are Samsung's first-party cases for Galaxy A53

By Aryan Suren April 23, 2022, 4:00 am
Samsung S View Case for Samsung Galaxy A53 Source: Pocketnow

The Samsung Galaxy A53 costs $450 and ships with a package that shows consideration to many parameters with which one would rate a smartphone. And if you've recently picked one up, you're bound to be looking for a cover to protect it. Like many other name brands, Samsung offers its own lineup of accessories, which we think are worth giving a shot, especially if you happen to have any Samsung Credit laying around from a previous purchase. Thus, this guide looks at every first-party case accessory available for Samsung Galaxy A53.

Samsung Galaxy A53 5G

Samsung Galaxy A53 5G

Samsung Galaxy A53 5G packs in a 6.5-inch Super AMOLED Display, the Exynos 1280, and a 5000 mAh battery alongside a decent set of camera sensors. For $450, it offers a combination that is a perfect balance of price and specifications.

Product Image of Samsung Protective Standing Cover Rugged Case for Samsung Galaxy A53

Protective Standing Cover

Two Kickstands

The Samsung Protective Standing Cover for Galaxy A53 is a rugged case you should buy to keep your device safe from falls. It is rated to offer military-grade protection and even comes with two kickstands built into the back panel that allows for different viewing angles. It's available in two colors, Navy and White.

Product Image of Official Silicone Case for Samsung Galaxy A53

Silicone Cover

Smartphone Basics

The Samsung Silicone Cover for Galaxy A53 is the default accessory to pick if you like the soft feel of the chosen material in your hand. Its overall design and implementation aim to not change the presence of the device in your hand. This accessory is available in three colors, Black, Blue, and Peach.

Product Image of S View Wallet Case for Samsung Galaxy A53

S-View Wallet Case

Windowed Access

S-View Wallet Case brings a combination of protection and functionality to Galaxy A53 with a design that allows access to a portion of the display for keeping track of the time. There is also a TPU housing to keep the phone free from dings in addition to the front flap. The S-View Wallet Case is available in two colors, Black and White.

Featured Image of Samsung Galaxy A53 Official Soft Cover Case

Soft Clear Cover

With Lanyard Attachment

The Soft Clear Cover for Samsung Galaxy A53, made from TPU, is a simple yet effective accessory to add to your smartphone if you want protection and yet showcase the color of your device. It's available in two finishes, one clear and another with a black tint.

Featured Image of Samsung Galaxy A53 Official Silicone Case with Strap

Silicone Cover with Strap

Customizable Straps

The Samsung Silicone Cover with Strap is the accessory to pair with your Galaxy A53 if you want the soft in-hand feel of a silicone case with the security a holding fixture, like the strap, brings to the equation. This cover is available in two colors, Navy Blue and White, and the straps on the back are removable and customizable.

Which official cover should you buy for Samsung Galaxy A53?

Each official accessory that Samsung has prepared for the Samsung Galaxy A53 is bound to do a decent job to protect the device, but if you still haven't been able to choose the right one for you, here are some of our thoughts on these covers.

The Protective Standing Cover is one of our favorite options due to its clean yet effective design, which provides increased protection to the smartphone and brings additional ways for you to use your device. The second part of the previous line refers to the two kickstands on its back, each of which forms a different angle with a table surface, giving you the ability to prop your phone and work or consumer content.

The next case we like the most from Samsung's collection is the S-View Wallet Case which allows users to glance at information without flipping open the front cover every time. Its use of a TPU housing to provide all-around protection to Galaxy A53 is also a huge plus.

And lastly, the Samsung Silicone Cover with Strap which prevents awkward scenarios where your phone falls flat on your face when you're laying down or saves your device from a fall in case someone pushes your hand. The silicone layer used here is similar to the earlier listed silicone case, but the changeable straps make a significant difference to the user experience.

Got yourself a Galaxy A53 recently and have some Samsung Credit laying around? Here is a collection of the official accessories offered by Samsung, which you can consider buying.


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