Hands-on with the Samsung Galaxy A5 (Video)

We were hoping that Samsung would use the CES stage in Las Vegas to unveil something grand in mobile, be it a tablet or a new smartphone, but we were left waiting out in the cold with no new announcements. That doesn’t mean that Samsung’s booth at CES was empty as far as phones go, however – the company took the opportunity to highlight two of its recent smartphone unveils, one of them being this one. So here’s our Samsung Galaxy A5 hands-on video straight from the show floor in sunny Nevada.

Now, this isn’t quite a flagship smartphone – so don’t expect it to facilitate any superphone-esque miracles – but that doesn’t mean it’s commendable to some extent. It’s one of the thinnest phones Samsung has constructed, and the chassis is composed of high-quality metal materials.

The A5 is mainly targeted toward Asian markets, so it’s important evaluate it (as we in our video below) from that standpoint; this isn’t meant to be a phone with a drool-worthy spec list. With that all said and done, watch the video, and let us know what you think of it by joining in the discussion going on in the comments section below.

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