Samsung Galaxy A5 (2018) looks to be first mid-range Infinity Display phone

You may not be able to tell this by looking at the company’s latest mobile division financial results, but LG has been at the forefront of a new smartphone design revolution this year. Granted, the G6 was never a high-end champion of razor-thin screen bezels, retaining a significantly larger unusable space than Samsung’s Galaxy S8.

Still, the decently compact 5.7-incher definitely played its part in changing the industry form, followed by a lower-end, lower-cost LG Q6 with a similarly impressive screen-to-body ratio.

The Q6 remains one of the very few affordable “FullVision” phones from big-name companies, while Samsung seems to be playing catch-up (for once) to its domestic arch-rival. So far, we’ve only seen two stars in the chaebol’s Galaxy sport so-called “Infinity Displays” (three, if you want to get technical), both crazy expensive and uncompromising in terms of overall specs.

But now there’s reason to expect at least a mid-range member of the Galaxy A family to substantially slim down in the bezel department. Since the A5 (2017) was unveiled at the very beginning of the year, the Samsung Galaxy A5 (2018) could also see daylight in a couple of months or so.

We don’t have an actual render of the upcoming device just yet, but a semi-credible mockup and third-party case image “confirm” the presence of an Infinity Display. This is unlikely to be as large and eye-catching as the GS8, S8+ or Note 8 panels, nonetheless representing great progress for mid-end designs.

Around the back, there’s a big enough cut-out for a single camera lens and a fingerprint reader positioned below it. Finally, the right place for the biometric sensor!

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