Never one to put all its eggs in one basket, Samsung is currently hard at work on not just the flagship Galaxy S7, but also a new series of mid-range As. Specifically, the 2016 editions of the Galaxy A3, A5, and A7, as well as an A9 likely meant to follow in A8’s footsteps.

Entirely made of metal or perhaps combining aluminum and glass in an obvious nod to the GS6, the A7 (2016) and A9 are definitely not your typical budget-conscious, modest Androids. The Samsung Galaxy A5 (2016) might not be a pushover either, as Tenaa seems to clear up recent confusion by giving its greenlight to an SM-A5100 model with Full HD 5.2-inch screen resolution.

The display would thus be both larger and sharper than the one on the late 2014 A5, and the upgrades obviously don’t stop there. China’s FCC counterpart confirms a beefier 1.7 GHz processor too, probably an octa-core Exynos 7 concoction.

Though not quite as shiny and glitzy as the Galaxy A7 (2016), the second-gen Galaxy A5 clearly rocks a premium build, with something fancier than plastic in tow. At 145 grams, it’s considerably bulkier than its predecessor, but don’t think of that as a downgrade, since you should get a much larger 2,900 mAh battery.

Besides, the SM-A5100 remains ultra-skinny, at under 7mm, while the rest of the specs are meant to keep pricing in check, including 2GB RAM, 16GB internal storage space, 13 and 5MP cameras, and microSD support. The question is will we see the refreshed As unveiled before or after the Galaxy S7?

Source: Tenaa
Via: Phonearena

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