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Samsung launches Freestyle: A compact projector for entertainment

Possibly a great projector for your compact room!
By Aryan Suren January 5, 2022, 5:16 am
Samsung Freestyle Projector front view Source: Pocketnow

Ahead of CES 2022, Samsung announced a lifestyle device, the Freestyle, that merges a projector and smart speaker, aiming to offer an experience that will provide avenues for entertainment wherever you are. Its key aspects involve its portable nature and design, that according to Samsung, will allow you to play high-quality videos anywhere, be it tables, floors, walls, or ceilings.

The projector costs $899, and pre-orders for the United States open from January 4th, with international markets set to follow.

The device weighs in at 830 grams and is capable of auto-keystone and auto-leveling to ensure your image is not crooked or distorted. Its cradle -- which can be detached -- also allows for 180-degree rotation. It can also output an image up to 100-inches in size and has an FHD+ resolution.


Now, the projector's light source has a maximum brightness of 550 lumens, so while the image might be acceptable, make sure you research more before you bite the bullet.

Samsung Freestyle with its E26 socket adapter attached Source: Pocketnow

For audio, it uses a passive radiator and a 5W woofer, Samsung says the former enables a clean and deep bass without distortion, and the latter is responsible for its 360-degree sound. And for power, The Freestyle can work with external batteries that implement USB-PD and have an output of 50W/20V or more.

Samsung is also making some optional accessories for the projector, including a water-resistant case and an adapter that will allow you to screw the projector into a standard E26 light socket for power.

Controlling the device is simple due to its included remote and the availability of Smart TV features found on other TVs from Samsung. It is also compatible with both Android and iOS devices. And when not in use as a projector, you can use the device to provide ambient lighting or function as a smart speaker, ready to listen to your requests.

Samsung The Freestyle

The Freestyle

The Freestyle is portable projector and smart speaker that is perfect for use when you're out and about.

But overall, the Freestyle does seem like an interesting product. Let us know what you think about it in the comments section.


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