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Will Samsung really release a folding tablet next year?

By Stephen Schenck June 10, 2014, 10:22 am

Just yesterday we were looking at the latest development in the world of flexible OLED displays, checking out a couple panels cooked up by Nokia, including one capable of folding into thirds. While that doesn’t sound too useful for a smartphone, such a construction might make more sense for a larger tablet, allowing it to fold into a more compact size for storage and travel. As fate would have it, our attention turns to just that sort of product again this morning, only this time with Samsung behind the wheel, as we check out claims that the company could introduce a folding tablet of its own sometime early next year.


At least, that’s the story going around, and all this momentum got started thanks to a post on the South Korean site Daum. There, translation issues help keep us at arm’s length from all the details, but from what we’re able to make out, this talk of a 2015 folding tablet sounds less like news about a specific product, provided by a Samsung insider, and more like a general comment on the maturing nature of Samsung’s OLED fabrication efforts – that we’re nearing the point where such a product might be possible. But does that mean Samsung’s actually aiming to release it commercially? On that point, we’re quite a bit less convinced.

Then again, we’re not even halfway through the year by this point, with a long way to go before early 2015 rolls around. That’s a lot of time for new evidence about this folding tablet to arrive, presuming Samsung’s actually building it; should that start showing up, we’ll quickly find ourselves singing a different tune.

Source: Daum (Google Translate)
Via: SamMobile


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