Patent filing reveals Samsung foldable tablet

The idea of a Samsung foldable tablet has been around since 2014. It never materialized, though. However, with the new trend of foldable smartphones, tablets, and laptops, the idea of a Samsung foldable tablet is becoming meaningful again. This is especially true now that a patent filing has been uncovered. Samsung has filed it with WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) in April, and the patent was published on October 11.

The image above depicts how such a device would work. It would feature a bendable and foldable screen, and the tablet itself can be folded both ways, in and out. One would fold it out to shrink the screen, and the user interface would adapt to offer the best user experience. Then you can fold in in to protect the screen when you carry it along. Both edges of the screen, the report claims, would feature a metallic cover. All of the components would also be included in the cover.

Now, we do know that patent filing doesn’t always materialize in a commercially available product. However, in many cases, we do end up seeing that, or a similar device, make it to the market. Would you be interested in a Samsung foldable tablet that would look and function like this one?

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