Is this the Samsung foldable smartphone?

Samsung showed off its foldable phone last year at the company’s Developer Conference. At the same time, Samsung introduced its new Infinity displays, and the Infinity Flex is what will be employed on the Samsung foldable smartphone. However, at the time of showing it off, it was concealed in a case meant to keep details away from prying eyes. We know that the Samsung foldable smartphone, tentatively called Galaxy F, or Galaxy Fold, will make an appearance at the Galaxy S10 Unpacked event, but so far, it managed to stay mysterious.

The video below was allegedly posted by Samsung Vietnam, and then pulled. Luckily, it was saved and reuploaded. It is reportedly the teaser video for the Unpacked event, and, what you see above, might or might not be the Samsung foldable smartphone we’ve been waiting for. It could very well be just a concept Samsung is using to show off its technological advancements, or, it could be the real deal.

What we can tell from the brief appearance of the phone in the video is that, in theory, it displays the features of the foldable phone shown off on stage. It has an outer screen, and an inner screen that folds out into a tablet. Opening it, similar to a book, is identical to how the prototype was unfolded on stage.

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