Samsung executive talks about foldable smartphone efforts

Hark-sang Kim is Samsung’s Senior Vice President and Head of Visual R&D Team. He recently published a blog post where he talks about the future, and how bright it is. With smartphones hitting the wall and sales being weaker and weaker, he things that it’s innovation and new technologies like 5G, AI, and AR that will save the smartphone segment. And, of course, a new form factor: the foldable smartphone.

He is right, however, when saying that the size of the display is limited by the size of the device itself. That was until now, when we’re going to start seeing more and more foldable smartphones. He continues to talk about the Infinity Flex display, which was introduced last November at Samsung’s Developer Conference. Hark-sang Kim is also excited about how the future will bring “rollable and stretchable”, as well as “devices that can fold in multiple ways”.

He then continues talking about how Samsung had to completely rethink the foldable smartphone, from the materials, to the display, hinges, cooling, and so on. Here’s an excerpt relevant to foldable smartphones, especially the upcoming one from Samsung. You can read more at the source link below.

To build the new foldable device, we made significant investments to create a new material that completely changes the anatomy of the smartphone display. We also created a natural and durable folding experience that users can appreciate from the very first time they unfold the device and crafted an innovative mechanical technology that can withstand hundreds of thousands of folds. We also had to rethink the placements of the battery, cooling system, and camera so that they can be placed inside the slim body efficiently. Last but not least, we developed an intuitive UX to ensure apps can transition seamlessly between the smaller and larger displays. We are committed to continue pushing the limits of possibility and lead the mobile industry into a new era.

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