Samsung is planning on bringing devices — phones, tablets, and wearables — with fully foldable screens to the market in 2015. The information was unveiled at the ongoing¬†Samsung Analyst Day in Korea, from where the slide above is also originating.

The Galaxy Round is already official, with its curved screen, but we can see that Samsung is planning on focusing on this particular screen tech for just a bit, until the company will go with bendable screens in the years 2014-2015; foldable screens will follow after that.

We’re still in the early stages of curved displays — LG’s G Flex is the other phone with a curve to its screen — but Samsung’s Display division will continue to innovate, and we’re sure competitors will follow suit. As per whether you’d prefer a curved, bendable, or foldable screen on your gadget, that’s completely up to you, and the innovation OEMs can bring to the table, putting these technologies to work and good use.

Source: Engadget, SammyHub

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