Samsung foldable phone images and UX to be unveiled at SDC

There is little to no doubt about the fact that we will definitely see something related to the Samsung foldable smartphone at the company’s Developer Conference. It kicks off today, and there were plenty of rumors and leaks, plus official hints, that the company will reveal something. Since a foldable phone is a major breakthrough and a shift in paradigm, Samsung will likely not follow the usual route of keeping it under wraps. Instead, the Korean tech giant would want to gauge interest, as well as get feedback from developers. After all, apps would need to be tweaked in order to work in both folded (phone) and unfolded (tablet) modes.

Reuters reports that the phone’s user interface will be unveiled at the conference, citing Lee Kyeong-tae, Samsung vice president for mobile communication, as source. Another, this time, unnamed Samsung official, has allegedly added that “detailed images of the new phone will be presented in public”.

Samsung made it clear that a foldable smartphone will be much more than just a gimmick. It will have to add value, and Samsung needs to pursue this, in this manner, if it wants to dramatically turn around its mobile business. The Galaxy S and the Note line-ups are stagnating, and competitors like Huawei have already revealed their plans to manufacture their own foldable smartphones.

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