Samsung Focus to launch with Galaxy Note 6 as a sort of BlackBerry Hub

It’s been too long since BlackBerry OS got wide appreciation, especially as we’ve turned from BB10. But one good vestige of the platform that’s made the move to Android was the BlackBerry Hub — a river of communications, calendar and reminder heads-ups and memorandums at a glance. The feature hasn’t exactly spread far and wide in the Android world, but it may turn out that a Samsung version of the Hub could reach farther.

SamMobile is reporting that the Samsung Focus feature will be launched on the Galaxy Note 6 later this year. The app interface — very faithful to Material Design guidelines — will begin on an agenda page with calendar events, reminders and recent, relevant emails displayed that detail what the days ahead have in store. Users can add new events and memos from the screen and also sort out invitations to events. A separate page will list out contacts with recent communiques under their avenues and addresses. Contacts can be prioritized for listing and notifications purposes.

It’s not clear if the introduction of Focus will deprecate Android’s native email client — something Samsung has kept on TouchWiz past Android Lollipop — as well as Samsung’s own calendar and contacts clients. Given Samsung’s tendencies to add on to its user interface before taking away, we don’t think it will happen.

SamMobile that other devices may see Samsung Focus through a software update after the Note 6 launch.

As outlets have pointed out, putting out a productivity feature in tandem with releasing a productivity phone definitely makes sense and doubly so for market share monster Samsung. But come next time that the chaebol’s software division decides to clean up the giganticness of TouchWiz, will Focus be used enough to make it stick? We’ll have to wait to see Focus launch before we can even guess.

Source: SamMobile
Via: Phandroid

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