Samsung Focus Most Popular WP7 Device, USA Top Country

Mobile analytics provider mtiks has made some Windows Phone 7 related numbers public on its blog regarding app statistics by device, country and usage.

According to the figures, the US market is the number one market for Windows Phone 7 applications with 57.3% — which is to be expected as a home country with a vast population and two carriers to start off the platform — followed by Germany (18.48%) and UK (7.49%).

Both app number and app usage-wise, the Samsung Focus is the most popular Windows Phone 7 device followed by the HTC HD7. From a centralized point of view, the top Windows Phone 7 manufacturer is HTC with its 56%, followed by Samsung (32%) and LG (12%).

We’re expecting these numbers to shift towards the end of March, beginning of April, since CDMA phones will hit the US market both from Verizon (HTC Trophy) and Sprint (HTC Arrive aka 7 Pro), which will even more consolidate HTC’s lead as a Windows Phone 7 OEM. Also, the Dell Venue Pro looks to be finally shipping in Europe which could give a boost to the UK numbers.

Note: These numbers are corresponding to the month of February, 2011 and are based on Windows Phone 7 applications that are using mtiks analytics.

Update: As dotcompt and jojo point out in the comments, the HTC HD7 (20%) and the HTC HD7 T9292 (15%) sum up for a total of 35%, thus making it the most popular device. Splitting it up in two categories might have something to do with T-Mobile HD7 smartphones versus unlocked devices. In addition, as Darren Brade mentions, many HTC HD2 handsets running Windows Phone 7 emulate the HTC HD7, registering in one of the two categories — even though we don’t think the total number of these HD2s is high enough to dramatically change the outcome of the chart.

Source: mtiks

Via: WPCentral

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