Samsung’s first foldable phone moves closer to (limited) release, Galaxy S10 could debut at CES 2019

Any release plans Samsung may have already devised for its 2019 flagship phones are most likely tentative, with timelines contingent on Galaxy Note 9’s success this fall, in-display fingerprint recognition adoption, 3D sensing technology development and various other factors.

One very important and volatile component of the Korean company’s medium to long-term product roadmap has reportedly been given a new codename recently after many years of (not so) secret work under the Project Valley alias.

Samsung is apparently intent on bringing a foldable product to the public as early as February of next year, currently putting the finishing touches to a three-screen prototype privately showcased at CES 2018 back in January.

Known as the “Winner” on the inside (talk about pompous codenames), the in-folding gadget is expected to test the commercial waters with a limited production run of between 300 and 500,000 units following a formal announcement at the 2019 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Parts suppliers might need to have key components ready for primetime around November, while Galaxy S10 assembly is tipped to kick off in October. That suggests Samsung’s more conventional early 2019 flagship could see daylight at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January, although once again, these are all tentative, uncertain plans.

What’s pretty much etched in stone, according to insiders, is the design of the chaebol’s first foldable phone to actually be mass-manufactured. Two front-facing 3.5-inch OLED panels will support individual use, as well as 7-inch tablet functionality, with an extra 3.5-incher mounted on the back to deliver notifications and other info at a glance.

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