Wait, could the Galaxy S8 still feature a dual rear camera? Exynos tweet leaves us puzzled

As if Samsung’s Exynos processor branding strategy wasn’t confusing enough, it turns out that new ultra-high-end 9 Series 8895 silicon comes with dual ISP (Image Signal Processor) technology “engineered to unleash creativity.”

Meaningless propaganda aside, we’re looking at official dual camera support here, which isn’t exactly a big surprise, considering Qualcomm’s same theoretical capabilities baked into the Snapdragon 835, 821 and even 820.

But if it’s such a commonplace feature nowadays, why not mention something, anything, off the bat? That’s where the latest tweet from the official Samsung Exynos account leaves us scratching our heads, wondering if perhaps we don’t know everything about the looming Galaxy S8 and S8+ after all.

Countless recent renders and leaked live pics have shown the two near-borderless flagship phones sporting just the one rear-facing shooter, alongside an LED flash/heart rate monitor combo, and divisive repositioned fingerprint reader. But what if, and that’s obviously a big “if”, there’s a third model in the pipeline nobody’s seen in the flesh yet, endowed with a trendy dual main cam setup?

Another, more cautious and reasonable assumption would be Samsung’s first dual camera powerhouse is coming in the fall to try to rekindle the Galaxy Note flame. In that case though, this tweet’s timing feels a little off. Either way, we’re intrigued, and we plan to solve the puzzle as soon as possible.

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