Samsung’s CES press conference was back on Monday, but today the company has even more news to share with us at its CES keynote address. The first go-round was a little bit of a letdown; thankfully, Samsung has followed through with some news worthy of our attention.

It sure seemed like SoC fabricators were going to stop at quad-core designs, and focus their efforts on increasing both computational and power efficiency. Well, Samsung still has those goals in mind, but that’s not stopping it from stepping-up the core count, announcing the eight-core Exynos 5 Octa.

This isn’t a pure eight-core chip, but a pair of two quad-core packages in collaboration. The 28nm chip’s dual processors are aimed at strategic utilization to enhance battery life. That means one quad-core A15 part running at 1.8GHz for all the heavy lifting, and a more power-efficient 1.2GHz quad-core A7 for less demanding tasks. By leveraging the load between them, Samsung hopes to greatly improve device battery life.

Other than that, Samsung once again had some flexible displays to share, showing off some of its Youm prototypes. Sadly, none are yet in a finished, commercial device, but we just keep getting closer and closer; perhaps this will finally be the year we see such an innovation arrive.

Source: phoneArena

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