Samsung Epic 4G Touch (Sprint): First Press Shots

Why is it that the upcoming US launch of the Samsung Galaxy S II on AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint — but not Verizon — feels a bit underwhelming? It must be because the global version of the handset is already seeing a refresh at this week’s IFA show in Germany, while domestic consumers will likely have to settle for the older specs as the device is released over the coming weeks. Nonetheless, we’ll have to live with the hand that we’re dealt, and that means getting familiar with US variants such as the Samsung Epic 4G Touch, pictured above.

Originally scheduled to launch tomorrow alongside the Hercules on T-Mobile and “Attain” on AT&T (clearly that trio of trademarks turned out to be a red herring), weather conditions along the East Coast have forced a delay in the E4GT’s debut. However, if that date on the press shots turns out to have some lifecycle significance for this model, we could be seeing an actual release in just over a week’s time.

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