Back in June of last year, we looked at a leaked Sprint roadmap claiming to tell the tale of devices planned for release over the following few months. Not everything on that list made it out, though, including the Samsung Epic 2, to follow in the steps of the Epic 4G. Now it looks like the phone may finally be getting a chance to surface, with signs pointing to plans for its release on Sprint.

The phone shows-up in some of the latest Cellebrite software, used for transferring data between handsets, tied to model number SPH-D705. That’s one we’ve seen before, also dating back to around summer of last year. All we had at the time, though, was an image purported to be taken by the SPH-D705 (a number of sites are incorrectly reporting that we published the photo as a leaked image of the SPH-D705 itself; we never made any claim other than that the SPH-D705 is the device that snapped the picture. The phone pictured in the shot is the Samsung R920 for MetroPCS).

This makes a lot of sense, as model number SPH-D705 falls right in line with the other Epic phones on Sprint. Based on rumors tied to that old leaked roadmap, the phone would supposedly be a single-core 1.2GHz device with a four-inch display. That might have been better-received had the phone actually launched last summer; at this point, will anyone be excited to see it arrive?

Source: Acsyndicate

Via: Android Guys

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