Samsung officially predicts highest quarterly profit since early 2014

Until now, there were only assumptions and educated guesses drafted by financial analysts. But today, we have Samsung’s formal earnings guidance for Q2 2016, which is even more optimistic than third-party expectations.

It appears the Galaxy S7 already sold 26 million copies, up a cool mil from previous projections, driving revenue and especially profits through the roof. Launched towards the end of the year’s first quarter, the flat 5.1-inch flagship and its “edgy” 5.5-inch sibling really struck gold at the global box-office between April and June, presumably helping Samsung post a surplus of 8.1 trillion Korean won, equating to roughly $7 billion.

That would mark an impressive return to form for the undisputed heavyweight champion of worldwide handheld sales, which saw its numbers flounder and stumble last year, as the Galaxy S6 and Note 5 failed to impress on a large enough scale.

8.1 trillion won is just 0.4 trillion short of Samsung’s Q1 2014 performance, beating both Q1 2016 and Q2 2015 profit scores by around 20 percent. The full Q2 2016 financial report will follow in a few weeks, but right now, we expect the mobile division alone to have generated a 4 trillion won ($3.4 billion) yield during the first quarter the GS7 duo was available from start to end.

Sources: Samsung Newsroom, The Korea Herald

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