Samsung drop tests its own Galaxy Note 8, just not on camera

Keeping the marketing drum going on phones more than a minute old is difficult, but one of the few players that can successfully do so is Samsung. There’s the neat jab at Apple “notch-heads” and the extra web-only videos talking about battery endurance or another feature.

For example, check out this recent ad showing off what its research labs do to waterproof a Galaxy Note 8.

It’s worth noting that Samsung began sealing its main flagship phones against the elements with the Galaxy S7 series.

But when it comes to resisting impact from drops, there’s more concern now than ever before as more and more glass gets integrated into the industrial design of phones like said Galaxy S7 and up through to the Galaxy Note 8. With the curved screen edges in tow, vulnerability is the key word of the day.

Well, Samsung has an ad for that, too. Just not one showing off any lab footage or real, completed drops.

The in-vision script can say that Samsung tests its devices for hundreds of drops, but when it comes to a 28-second advertisement, there’s no money shot to be had here. Oh well, better luck next ad.

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