Samsung Display may have teased us with the Galaxy S8 in an ad

In promoting the comapny’s AMOLED technology, Samsung Display (separated from Samsung Electronics) has been using renders of a phone we’ve been tracking the likeness of. Indeed, the company could be teasing the Galaxy S8 right in front of our very eyes with the three ads it has put out to its YouTube page.

The first ad focuses on the topline advantage that Samsung’s AMOLED product has over, say, LCD: color contrast, brightness and thickness of the fabrication. The second touts benefits to users with red-green color vision deficiencies (we don’t buy the depiction of the solution, but there are ways to filter colors to enhance viewing for those with such CVDs). The third commercial boasts about how Samsung AMOLED technology can tone down harmful blue light for night viewing.

In all of them, you’ll see a phablet object with dimensions looking quite alike these renders of what is supposed to be the Galaxy S8. The dimensions also follow along quite well, too. Another interesting point: Samsung Display didn’t take the time to render curved displays for the “anyphone” depicted in the ads. Could a flat display for the S8 be back in play after many assumptions that there would only be two “edge” screen models out this year?

The third ad features what we presume to be a bottom-side view of the device that features totally non-standard mobile I/O (the center port seems vaguely like an elongated Micro-B). We wouldn’t be straining our eyes too hard here.

The ads affirm the general tack of an extremely minimal regard for bezels on the next generation of Galaxy S releases, but do not pinch down to specifics. No use over-analyzing what you can’t see.

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