Samsung Display crushes all hope of foldable ‘Galaxy X’ phone release until 2019

“Small” Q4 2017 production? Public Q3 demo at IFA Berlin in anticipation of a limited commercial release as early as Q1 2018? You can probably forget about all that, and exclude a foldable “Galaxy X” from Samsung’s possible roadmaps for both this and the next year.

According to a leading Samsung Display engineer by the name of Kim Tae-woong, the technology that’s been such a long time coming is still only “expected to be mature around 2019.” Until then, “bezel-free” screens should sell like hotcakes, leaving the Korean giant and its display-making subsidiary enough breathing room to solve various “technical challenges.”

It doesn’t get clearer or more official than this, we’re afraid, although you have to admit you saw the new delay coming. After all, it’s taken Samsung this long to simply slim down those bezels, and now just like that, we’ll see tablets in stores and on the streets bending and twisting to fit in the palm of our hands?! Nah, we didn’t think so either.

Even if current “challenges” are overcome by 2019, expect “single foldable phones” to be unveiled first before “multi-foldable (both sides)” devices become ready for primetime… a decade from now. Okay, maybe it won’t take ten years to see fully flexible, malleable gadgets materialize and go mainstream, but it’s still understandably a delicate, long-term process.

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